Make Your Mattress Softer with These 5 Simple Tips

What if you have a too firm mattress? Is there any simple way to make your mattress softer?

Softness is important for most customers who spend money on a mattress. But, more often than not, sitting and lying on the mattress at store does not quite help you test its quality because you’re rather shy to rest upon a bed in public. Until later, when you have had a long day or ended up sleeping in a wrong position and the next morning, it feels like a torture to get up.

Does it feel solid because it’s new? Or have you simply bought something not suitable? Are there other reasons? Very likely.

You can make mattress softer with simple ways

The type of sleeper, hence, is a factor for reference. If you have a habit of sleeping with your body flat, back or stomach, you will find firmer mattresses more comfortable, as the lower and also heavier body sinks into the mattress and the back is forced to arch. On the other hand, if you sleep on your side, a firm mattress will press your shoulder and hip against your body instead of supporting them, leading to numbness.

Weight is another matter to be considered. A petite person hardly leaves a remarkable impact on the mattress and they only can feel the surface, while a heavy individual will feel too much of the poly foam or coil base layers and the mattress feels firmer in both situations. The former might have troubles finding something soft enough and the latter should consider getting a more supportive mattress.

There are several solutions for the discomfort before you decide the mattress is a completely wrong choice. Don’t forget to check on the trial period in case you find it necessary to return the purchase and maybe they will even remove the mattress for you. The majority of companies have 100-day trial period, some extend it to a whole year.

How to make a mattress softer

Use it first

First thing first, some mattresses just need some time to soften up, like leather-made grows less stiff as time passes and you usually put them on, that’s also why many brands often offer a trial period of around 3 months. Worry not and utilize it normally, some materials need body heat and weight to decrease its original hardness, jumping and bouncing on it won’t do the trick but walking on it for some good minutes will have its effect.

Your mattress may be too firm when it’s new

Check the foundation

Different foundations are made for different types of mattresses. The general rules is box springs and innerspring mattresses are meant to be. So if you change from innerspring beds to memory foam, you will have to ditch the box springs. If not, the box springs are essential to make the bed feel soft. 

Warm it up

If your mattress is memory foam, this tip is a must-try, because memory foam reacts to temperature from outside; if the room is cold, it hardens, and vice versa. Memory foam beds aren’t the best choice in cool climate. Are you sleeping in a chilly room? Let’s try to up the heat a few degrees!

Flip & Rotate

When the method above doesn’t work out, we have to use some energy (but be informed: pillow tops aren’t flippable). Just like your tires need to be rolled over and over for even consistency, same goes for the mattress.

  • Flip it upside down.
  • Rotate it 180 degrees.

This helps you avoid the parts you have yet to lie on and move the unused parts to where you need it most.

Use a Mattress Topper

Even after trying some tips and the mattress is still stubbornly solid, you might want to give it another trial and add a new topper. There are many great benefits you can get from using a good mattress topper, especially with an old mattress. They are easy to find and cheaper to purchase than a brand new mattress, a few widely used types are:

A mattress topper is a affordable choice to improve your bed
  • Memory foam mattress topper: Memory foam can absorb your body heat and soften itself. Goose down and wool toppers also give you the soft feel.
  • Duvet comforter: The best money-saver. But the cons is it’s only recommended for temporary use until you find something better. Simply tuck it beneath the mattress cover and your night will be more pleasant.
  • Egg crate topper: Not for sensitive sleeper because of the texture.

You can easily find the best mattress topper for your bed with the guide from this website:

In conclusion

We hope these tricks work for you. If every tip we provided doesn’t help, high chances are your bed has sagged or broken springs and minor tweaks cannot fix it. As we have mentioned in the first lines, a bed right for you plays an important role in maintaining your body condition and you would want to make sure you have the perfect mattress.

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